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Symptoms of RSD RSD has several symptoms, some of which not all patients will endure. One of the classic signs of RSD is a constant, burning pain. The pain may also at times be exaggerated by any slight movement. Sufferers of RSD may also experience spasms in the blood vessels of the skin and muscles of the affected area. This can result in the affected area feeling cold to the touch. Muscle spasms will result in tremors. The affected area may swell, become easily bruised, and turn a shade of purple, blue, red, or a combination of the three. The color may also be more pale. This coloring of the affected area is called molting. One other symptom of RSD is insomnia and emotional disturbance. What needs to be understood is that the problems with sufferer's emotions do not result in the RSD. Having RSD may result in emotional problems. This is because the same system that is causing the pain signal is also responsible for the moods of the person. The fact that there is a disturbance in this system will cause problems such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, agitation, and disturbance of judgment.